Business Process

Fight organizational friction with Process Knowledge

Process Knowledge supports a hierarchical diagramming approach that has been proven over 30+ years in a range of industries and thousands of companies. Elements Process Knowledge is multi-tenant and cloud based with a modern technical architecture and elegant UX. And it is built to scale from the smallest business to the largest enterprise.


Affordable for the Fortune 5 million not just the Fortune 500

The core capabilities to get clear on who needs to do what, when why and how. Share this knowledge simply and securely with anyone who should have access. In the past, technology this powerful was only affordable by the Fortune500.

Sharing content effortlessly across distributed operations

Your business operations cover your customers, employees, contractors, partners and suppliers. Our sharing model allows all these stakeholders to access and collaborate on a single view of your operational processes.

Save time and effort with real time virtual workshops

Real-time updating enables virtual mapping workshops that really work. No need to get a room and get on a plane to make real progress. Everyone who is logged into a diagram sees changes as they happen and then you can let them take over and start editing.

You can take control with our extendable architecture

Elements is a platform not just an application. Open REST-APIs mean that you can build add-on applications that extend the functionality, integration with 3rd party app and import maps from other process tools. Safely and securely.


We assembled all the features you need to run collaborative, business transformation projects.
And these core features will be free forever for everyone.

Hierarchical process mapping with a simple notation

Hierarchical process mapping that is powerful enough to drive company wide projects but with a simple enough notation to get business and technical users onto the same page with next to zero learning curve. But with all the power you need to capture complex processes.

Share inside and outside organization, securely

Control access to your processes by inviting team members and those outside your organization. And then give them view, edit or manage rights. With secure access managed for you behind the scenes. So everyone is on the same page, all the time.

Link supporting information for the complete picture

Attach links from process steps to supporting information to provide more detail; documents, procedures, applications, systems, videos, for the complete operational picture.

Capture and analyze data relationships

Resources and user-defined Data Structures enable you to capture and report on whatever process specific relationships you need, e.g; resource allocation, system requirements, pain-points, process feedback, open issues, waste, risk, VOC and bottlenecks.